Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Political Views

All of the political quizzes are insufficient when it comes to my views. Here is, I believe, the only way to summarize one's political views: an item-by-item list of political beliefs.

Strong Political Beliefs:
These are things that I would list as stated goals if I were a politician

End the Federal Reserve
Tie currency to gold and do not manipulate the exchange rate
End social security
End the department of education
Introduce school vouchers
Allow for free immigration (but secure the boarders, keep criminals out)
Make zoning laws unconstitutional
Abolish the federal income tax
Abolish capital gains taxes
End federal welfare spending
Push for tolling of all highways/freeways (or selling them)
End medicare
Abolish all special privileges in the medical industry and allowing non-licensed doctors to practice medicine
Requiring much higher reserve ratios
Ending all aspects of protectionism
Ending the corporate tax
Severely shortening copyright and patent times
Ending farm subsidies
Making affirmative action illegal
Ending FDIC
Ending all business regulations (including anti-trust laws)

Not as strong political beliefs
Things that sound good, but may be implausible as a politician

Allowing anyone to distribute their own currency (free currency)
Ending reserve ratio requirements (free banking)
Pursuing a foreign policy of isolationism
Ending copyright and patent laws

I'll try to post more as I think of them. As of now, though, I'm satisfied with this list.

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  1. Some of your ideas are so crazy. Like free immigration US population will increase fast and many problems will apear.