Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Midterms Really Eat a Lot of Time

I realize I haven't posted anything for about a while now, and I mean to change that. I've had midterms the past few weeks, and with science, a lot of studying just is not enough. So I have a small respite in between midterms and finals, and I mean to get this blog started up again.

I have been using some of this time also to get some reading done. I recently borrowed Ulysses by James Joyce from the UCLA library. Let me tell you, it is a beast of a book. Imagine writing everything down that you think directly into a book and there you have Ulysses, a hodgepodge of random thoughts and observations into a 700 page epic. It is rough, but interesting also.

I've also been working on Amazon's Mechanical Turk to try to get some money. It does not pay all that well, but hey, anything is better than nothing. Eventually I hope to get a steady stream of money, and maybe this blog would help, but that will not happen for a while (if it ever happens).

So a lot of things going on, as you can see, and I have not even mentioned the fact that I will be graduating soon. But I hope to get back to posting, especially that health care series that I have not finished yet. Anyway, hopefully these self-centered posts will be very limited in prevalence, I don't like to use the word "I" all too often. Have a good day everyone.

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