Thursday, May 5, 2011

Los Angeles has Stupid Parking Laws

Westwood, Los Angeles, CA. The City of Los Angeles today started posting warnings on the cars of those who were parked in the driveway slightly in the roadway. This is standard practice in the area especially for those buildings with very wide driveways that can fit 5 cars or more. This allows the building to maximize parking space while not getting in the way of the sidewalk or the street (the cars stick out as much as a car parked parallel to the curb). In an effort to raise revenue, the city will now ticket those who are parked in this manner.

Westwood is known far and wide for having parking issues. People park many blocks away from their apartment because spots are so scarce. What is the city's solution to this issue? Increase parking spots? Allow private builders to build parking structures? On the contrary, the city of Los Angeles sees that it is better to decrease the available parking in the area so that the city's revenue problems can be resolved. As if this city is not unlivable enough with rents going as high as $1000 a month for a single bedroom and $500 a month for room sharing, the bureaucrats decide to make the cost of living even higher now. The buildings are old and decrepit, the streets are cracked and have huge potholes, there is trash everywhere, there is no place to park unless except between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m., traffic in the area is miserable, and the rent is tremendous! Instead of trying to fix these problems, the city has decided to exacerbate them in an effort to raise revenue. This city is a joke, almost to the point where someone should tear it down and try again.

I'm sure that Los Angeles is not the only city where this happens. Any other examples of this kind of absurdity?

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