Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Did Ron Paul Win the Debate?

Townhall says it was Michelle Bachmann and Mitt Romney.

Fox Nation Readers say it was Michelle Bachmann.

GOP Insiders say that Ron Paul has no chance.

But according to applause at the debate itself, Ron Paul won.

Notice a separation between the elite and the public? And this is all without even mentioning the fact that the popular opinion polls show Paul as the clear winner.


  1. Paul is my favorite, but you can't go by applause his supporters are known for making a lot of noise and being far more enthusiastic than others.

  2. I sort of gave the nod to Cain, but only because he answered the questions without ad libbing like the other candidates. And Ron Paul kept trying to discuss monetary policy. I know it's important, but unlike those of who know the policy is wrong, most other Americans don't care, so Paul's entreaties fall on deaf ears.

    Mike G.

  3. Trestin, that is true, but my real point is that the elites are ignoring Paul.

    Mike G., Americans should care about monetary policy as that is affecting us more than any other program potentially.

  4. The elites are scared of Ron Paul. A Paul presidency would tip over the apple cart

  5. Elites love power. Ron Paul is one of the few who resists the temptation of power and tells it like it is. They can't have that; it destroys their image.