Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Strange Happenings from the Alabama Election

Take a look at the instructions from the Alabama ballot:

"Votes for delegate candidates pledged to someone other than the voter's choice for President ARE NOT ALLOWED UNDER REPUBLICAN PARTY RULES."

In other words, you vote for the delegates of the candidate that you voted for and only those delegates. Now with that said, does someone want to try to explain this?

//Popular Vote
Ron Paul: 5.0% 30,494

//Delegate Votes
Ron's delegates Place 1: 75,385
Ron's delegates Place 2: 71,069
Ron's delegates Place 3: 67,953
Ron's delegates Place 4: 68,630

Sourced from peluski17 at the Daily Paul.

How is it that Ron Paul got more delegate votes than he received from the popular vote? At the very least, Paul must have received 75,000 votes (because voters can choose 4 delegates). So how is it that his popular vote total is less than half of the minimum that he could have actually received?

Something stinks in Alabama, and it isn't the water. If you are offended by the apparent vote manipulation, and even if you aren't a Ron Paul supporter this should offend you, then repost this on your blog. This should be headline news. If you care about the truth, then spread the word!

Results from the Alabama election can be viewed directly here:

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