Monday, July 16, 2012

How Obama's Immigration Policy of 2012 Affected His Re-election Campaigns

Today we have a guest post from Kathleen Hubert who will be talking about immigration and how this will affect Obama's re-election chances. Enjoy.

At this writing we are three months short of arguably the most important election ever held in America. Not since 1860 have the issues been so diverse or so devastating in the possibilities as a result. Our nation will be much improved. We will be more potentially glorious and more able to save, and lead the world according to one side. Our nation will be totally ruined, reduced to a 2nd class collection of dependent, bumbling beggars according to the other side.

The opinions are tightly held, tightly preached, and seem to be based on the same input .Depending on who reads it two and two are four, five, six, or who cares. We could be naming our country the USS Titanic and no one seems concerned, except the fanatics on one side, not the fanatics on the other. So how many fanatics are there? According to which pole, taken on what day, at what time, where.

If we could ever get straight answers from straight news services we could answer those questions. We will in about three more months, but not now. The morning after the election it should all come clear, confusing, but clear. Right now, however it appears that everything, and nothing, makes the slightest bit of difference to the voters. Well, everything makes the difference in the level of their rage, but nothing makes a difference in their vote.

Obama’s change to the immigration rules has caused a definite increase in blood pressure. The blood pressure reaction seems to be limited to only those not affected. Marc Rubio, a potential Vice Presidential candidate for the opposed to Obama was quoted as saying the change will be welcome news for kids. Hardly, this is a fire eating type speech against an opponent’s policy. Note that nothing was said about voting against the candidate who ordered the change.

A quick look at the comments made country wide about the change is all much the same. The constitutionality of the change seems to sum up the oppositions concern. A collection of newspaper articles, and several comments by politicians all stressed its legality. One opposing candidate stated that “Presidents can’t rule by decree”. This is a definite view but not an attempt to obtain an opposing vote.

A review of the 12 articles or political comments by printed Google claim that the public are in favor of the change in 6, 1 is opposed and the remaining are neither for or opposed. Of the 12, however 11 concern themselves with the conditionality of the change. Not a single reference is made to whether a vote would be changed by them. Not even a hint as to whether Obama would be looked on more favorable because of them. The public seems to find the changes good, but more or less just good policy. Overdue but not earth shaking, not particularly debatable as an election point.Obama gets points from the voting public for his actions but not votes and “attaboys” don’t count.

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