Monday, January 10, 2011

Political Post Roundup

Let’s Talk About Murder and Gun Control - A post about how the murder rate in Venezuela has skyrocketed even though gun controls were imposed.

Harsanyi: The Constitution is dead. Long live the Constitution. - Talking about how neither Republicans nor Democrats seem to know what the Constitution says and that the Constitution may have just been written too vaguely to protect our liberties.

Numbering the Days - M. Simon discusses how the Tea Party will not go away until the debt goes first.


  1. Hey Tony, thanks for the link.

    I've just finished reading your most recent posts. You are doing some very good stuff. Id like to add you to my blogroll but I'm not sure what you call your blog. I have you on my favorites list as Politinomics, your URL says Teconom, and today I see Beer, Guns, and Baseball. Let me know which is which so I can link to your site.



  2. I think I'm going to stay with Beer, Guns, and Baseball. Thanks for the offer, and thanks for reading.