Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Obama Releases His Birth Certificate: Now What?

In a surprising move today, Barack Obama released his long form birth certificate. Of course, the conspiracy theories will continue and things will not really change. But is this even important? Obama has been in office for a few years now, and his first term will be ending relatively soon. Even if he was not born in this country, how long would it take to kick him out of office? Not quickly enough. And even if he was convicted, would things get any better? Just like when people called for Bush to be impeached, people were wary that Cheney would get the job. The situation now is very similar. Kicking out Obama would only give you Joe Biden in the Oval Office. Is that any better?

Besides, the whole issue was a distraction from the start.The real reason that people oppose Obama is because of his policies. The problem is not that he is a foreigner, but that his views are dangerous and destructive. I hope now that we can get off of this issue because it makes us lose focus on the idealogical battle. Our battle is not with the man Obama, but it is with the progressive/socialist ideology that property is evil and profit is immoral. Our war is with the philosophy that society acts and that individual action does not exist. It sees society as something to be shaped and controlled from above for their own good because people do not know any better. We are the defenders of liberty and equity. They fight for favoritism and corruption; we fight for recognition of individual rights. It is time to get back on this fight and away from the conspiracy theory distraction. Although it is fun for some people, in the long run it just does not matter.

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  1. Amen on that, Tony. We must stay focused.